Will the Hate of a Nation lead us to another Civil War?

     Why are ‪#‎White people afraid of ‪#‎Black people? Many, many acts of pure ‪#‎Evil have been heaped upon #Black folks, by #White folks, ever since the first ‪#‎Slaves, were first “brought” to the “Homeland”.  Families were separated and treated worse that farm animals, beat, hanged, raped, robbed, burned, dragged, drown, like rats, denied education, denied basic human rights, Civil Rights, infrastructure, wherever you relegated us to live, like ‪#‎BobbyJinals‘s 9th Ward.  Why do ‪#‎Mississippi‪#‎Alabama‪#‎Texas, etc.. still look like ‪#‎Warsaw ‪#‎Ghettos

     Are ‪#‎Southern ‪#‎Governors just really bad at fixing certain neighborhoods, or is it that they ‪#‎Profit from all of the “Crime” in ‪#‎poor & #Black & #White towns. Why does ‪#‎Furguson have 89‪ #‎Municipalities?  “In 2014, the Boston Municipal Court System, for a city of 645,000 people, issued about 2,300 criminal warrants. The Ferguson Municipal Court issued 9,000, for a population 1/30th the size of Boston’s.”  What???? Is anybody seeing this?  In case you missed the ‪#‎DOJ Report,http://www.huffingtonpost.com/…/the-shocking-finding-from-t… 

     I understand why people wonder why Black folk don’t want to just kill all White folks.  It’s because that’s not in most of us but we are human–no really, we are.  I know there are folks out there trying to convince you otherwise but we do have feeling.  We have solid, strong, #Christian based values.  Even the poorest of the poor, praise God and thank his for all that he has blessed us with.  We would never feel that way.  We leave those feeling for those who want to ‪#‎Hate.  We leave those feeling for Right-Wing hate mongers who infiltrate the highest ranks of our Government, all the way down to you Cliven Bundy, type hate groups, who can draw their weapons of destruction upon their Goverment’s elite civilian authority and not even be charged with a crime, not suffer the shame and ostracism of the rest of a civil society.  Cliven Bundy was barely even a news story.  In fact, traitorous Bundy, was actually hailed as a hero of those who oppose President of the United States, Barack Obama. 

     The ‪#‎Racists have wanted a reason for a ‪#‎Race‪#‎War, since ‪#‎TheCivilWar–still bitter behind “Northern Aggression”.  The‪#‎Confederate ‪#‎Soldiers, were traitors to the ‪#‎Constitution, then  #‎TheSouth spread their hatred to other like minded immigrants–and everyone, except my #NativeAmerican ancestors, are immigrants. You do understand that, right?  You #Teaparty #Muthafucker are not #Patriots, not even a little bit.  No Patriot has #illWill for #fellow #American!  You #47Traitor don’t get to call the shots. 

Our Republican lawmakers seem to think that they get to decide what they will allow the President to do.  Really?  That’s not your job.  Your jobs, that we pay our hard earned tax dollar, so that you have $175,000.00 stepping stones, over the American people, are “No Show” positions.  You get all of the benefits you want.  You get taxpayer funder Healthcare but refuse to make sure every one of us has the same.  

     You are not above the law.  You are not President.  You are #TheCongress. You make laws.  Why don’t you do your own damn jobs & stop trying to usurp #BarackObama’s? What, suffering from #PenisEnvy.  Oh yes, there is a name for that shit! You say the President has over reached. No, you have betrayed your oath to uphold the #Constitution, over and above your personal dislike of the #Black man elected twice, to do this job.  We The People want you to stop sticking your noses where they don’t belong and to allow the President to conduct #ForeignPolicy–you arrogant pricks.  

     I hope you don’t think #WETHEPEOPLE will forget the things you’ve all done and we hope you don’t think you have gotten away with all of it, either.  Why would you people try to force a whole #Race of people, whose real identities you stripped from them 200 years ago? You barely know your own damn ancestry but because you have always been the ones to make the laws, now I guess you feel like you can now force “those people” to produce an #Identification”, that you so adeptly erased all traces of? You even gave us #Anglo” names.  Oh yes.  You #Republicans are a (Not very #Christian lott.  You think it’s a “reasonable thing to ask for a #PollTax, today, when yesterday, you were erasing that very identity.  That’s a lot of fucking nerve, don’t you think? Make a bunch of #Black folks, who may #never have had an #Identfication, other than some stupid name you gave them but NOW, it’s really, really important that you make sure they go out, spend money they don’t have, and time they may have to take off from work, or hire a damn #babysitter, to go “get” a “proper” #ID? I have NEVER #Hated anyone but you people really aren’t making it easy for me to #Love yalls and your dirty asses.       All I can do is talk about you, like the #dogsballs that you are but talk is cheap.  I promise you, in my lifetime, we will have #Mandatory #Voting.  If you don’t want to #Vote–then #Opt your dumb asses out.  The rest of us–1 person, 1 vote, will be running this country, one day.  You can change all of the #Voting rules, you can buy all of the #Senators & #Representative you want. The more you FUCK with us, #TheAmericanPeople, #Republicans, the farther away from ever winning back the “WHITE House” you are so very wrong and so out of touch. You think Black people & #Hispanic folk & poor White folk are sooooo dumb that we just gone be alright with the #KochBrothers, Ted Cruz, Scott Walker, Speaker Boehner, Mitch McConnell, ALEC & various other low life scum, selling out our sitting President and how you ran the country into the ground, with 14 years of your #Preemptive #Iraq War & #Afghanistan WAR, that you always want to keep OFF the BUDGET.  There is no “Free Lunch” or, as yall like to say, “Freedom isn’t free”. Sounds good, when you say it but you love to start those dumbass #Wars, just handing the #money over to some of your Right-wing, “No-bid contractor” pals, putting other people’s kids out on the front lines, when none of you have either #Deferred serving, or just pain #ShitYouPants to get out of serving, like that #RattleSnake #TedNugent or #FatAss #RushLimbaugh, then give all of our freaking tax dollars to all of your stinking rich donors–all in the name of “The Job Creators”.  

     Never mind the fact that wages for regular folk, Union workers and “Right to Work for Less” workers are all being screwed by your darling #Republican Governors, who refuse to give you a #LivingWage, which they trick their own constituents into say “We don’t want no stinking #Minimum Wage, we want the “Right to Work”.  How shitty are you? You won’t even accept ACA (ObamaCare) dollars for the poorest children, in your own districts, which, by the way, that #Hypocrite, #TedCruz has just found sooooo damn helpful, now that his #Goldman #Trophy wife is taking a “little vacation” from her benefactors, while you suck your own dick, on the #Presidential campaign trail, with our tax dollars, I might add. I hope you’re proud of yourselves, now. Thanks to Bibi #Netanyahu & the #47Traitors’ attempt to undermine their own #President of The United States. #Foreign countries aren’t looking at what the job #BarackObama is doing–they are making plans to divide & conquer a country, who doesn’t honor & respect the leader of their own country. It is a reflection on your feeble asses, not on President #Obama, who is doing a great job babysitting the infants, who call themselves #Republican, #ThePartyof Lincoln, #TheGrandOldParty–more like the #GettingOverOnThePeopleParty. Always looking for ways to rip off “We The Taxpayer”. 

     Once people find out what they’ve actually been doing to us.  I hope the true #Patriots of this country–those who truly believe in “One Nation Under God”, will raise up & permanently put you #Bastards where you belong–in Hell, with your #Master, #Satan! The next time one of these #Power hungry freaks, like #TedCoulter (TedCruz), tell you “I’m going to “shrink” #Gov’ment, small enough to “Drown it in a bathtub”, just remember #you & #me are the #Govment, okay?  They want “smaller Government. so we can’t stop them, with our #Vote.  Please, somebody explain this to me.  I don’t trust Haters.  That’s just how I feel, at this moment.