Who’s Policing The Police?


I had to catch myself, today.  The second I witnessed, yet, another questionable shooting.  Breaking News: Alton Sterling was shot 6 times, at point blank range, by Baton Rouge police.  It took me a moment.  I took a deep breath, as I tried to make sense of the sound of the gunshots, then the voices of grief and screams of horror.  “Witnesses, watching, in disbelieve, questioned each other.  “Did they shoot him?  Yeah, (then wailing.)  “Oh my God!”  All I could do was grab a chair and sit down, right there, in front of the TV.  I watched for hours, as local officials started the usual “song & dance”.  It was surreal.

Once I regained my composure, I sat down and did this.  Music is how I process my pain.  I don’t turn my grief and anger inward, any more.  I wanted to do something for the families who are grieving, so that they will know how sorry I am and how one person can reach out and touch another.  Please know that I don’t mean to infringe on the privacy of any of the family’s images of their loved one, that appear in my video.  I want people to really “see” their faces.  That’s why I propped them close up.  I wanted people to look into their eyes and wonder what their plans were?  What was the last thing they told a loved one, the last time they were alive?  I bet they didn’t think they were about to die!  No, I bet that thought never crossed their minds—not until they had contact with a police officer.  For that, I am truly sorry, for your family’s loss.

Please feel free to contact me to remove any images in my video.  No one can miss them more than you do, not even me.  We do though.  I think we all miss them.  No matter what they may, or may not have been guilty of, they all deserved to live, to have their day, in court and to face a jury of their peers.  The police do not have the right to be judge, jury and executioner, which is what we are allowing, today and unless we change these unconstitutional police union, laws, more innocent people will be murdered, with impunity.  Body cams can’t be effective, unless the police that they monitor, are barred from controlling them.  The feed should be archived, offsite and undisclosed, to prevent tampering and sabotage.  Police can no longer police themselves.

This is the stuff, that SUICIDES are made of.  At least, it’s events, like the killing of Eric Garner, Sandra Bland and Freddy Gray, that should be considered potentially, SUICIDE inducing, events.  There is no rhyme, or reason, good enough, to justify the actions, that seem to be routine, SOPs for police but for no one else.  How is it possible that a police officer can NEVER be guilty of MURDER?  Every shooting CAN NOT be justified.  Either there’s something wrong with all of us, or there’s something wrong with the rules that govern the police.  They must change, to make what’s happening all across this country, a crime—punishable by law!

Someone will, unfortunately take their own life, over the tragic events, unfolding in Baton Rouge, Louisiana—not because they know Alton Sterling but because we’ve been here, before.  We’re here, so regularly that the NRA is hoping we’ll all just throw up our hands and give in to complacency.  Those of us, who care deeply, for the “public good”, as expressed in our Constitution and feel it’s our “duty” to be involved with our government, no matter where we come from.  I know.  I’m hurting, inside.  I want to help but what can one person possibly do?  People at risk, may spiral into hopelessness.  They can “feel” how powerless they are to help themselves, let alone someone, who is now dead.  They may turn their frustration, into anger, over something that may be so obvious to a rational, human being, but media and hate mongering social media trolls, will take advantage and heap more hateful rhetoric against a group, they may be a constituent of.  Aggressive and dangerous forces, that threaten harm, simply for the position, we may take, against the authority forces who are actually the one doing the terrorizing.  It may be more than they can handle.  Game over.

All of us, including the police, are responsible for this mess.  “We all built this.”  However, thanks to the callousness of the NRA and those who support and fear the gun lobbying group—nothing changes.  Our representatives are all terrified of being put out of office.  They care more about themselves, than they do about anyone else.  We can’t even get a “VOTE”, from CONGRESS, on legislation that 80%-90%, of all Americans, agree upon.  We are a Democratic Republic—not one person, one vote.  How do we fix this?  I don’t know.

Until we identify the “triggers”, or #driving factors” that lead to the “why” Black and Brown victims of injustice, suffer more indignity, try to be patient than they are studied and ultimately, get demonized.  Media usually only presents the police, or representatives of authority’s spokesperson, telling the public what the circumstances surrounding any police shooting.  News cycles usually move on and never return to “the scene of the crime” and “We The People” never investigate the “other side”.  The “Justice System” is only interested in perpetuating a “profitable” chain of horrible circumstances.  We are tired of paying for our own demise!  This must stop.  Now, is the time to replace local government officials, with people who truly want to “Serve and Protect” all of the members of a community, not just the White, or just the wealthy.  Please write to your Congress person.  Demand more research on SUICIDE.  Police officers, who may also be at risk, for taking their lives, are not only a danger to society but they are a danger to themselves.

If you or someone you know is in crisis, please call the National Suicide Prevention Life Line:

1-800-273-TALK or 1-800-273-8255

Don’t wait until it’s too late.

Talking never hurts but it could help.



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