When a Spade Is Not A Spade…

Mental health is an excellent issue. You know, it’s covered in “Obamacare? I guess that’s just some more “stuff” Obama is trying to “give” to his lackeys. I hope it stirs up some talk!


As everyone should know by now a tragic plane crashed occurred last week.  Crashed right into a mountain killing all 150 people involved.  Was it mechanical failure?  Was it terrorism?  Was it pilot error?  All these questions were asked on day 1.

It slowly but surely became clear that there was no mechanical issues  involved.  The plane was fit to fly with no problems.  So was it an act of terrorism?  Investigation into the pilots lives were done and there was no affiliation or connection to any terrorist organization.  So that leaves pilot error.

Yes, I guess there was pilot error on this instance.  The co-pilot made a choice to direct that plane into a mountain, take his life and take the lives of the other 149 people with him.  It was discovered he was suffering from depression.  He had had episodes of suicidal tendencies in the past as well…

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