Here we go again. It really is embarrassing. We sit here and let the NRA and the Gun Lobby dictate what we will and will not talk about. The news networks refuse to have balanced debate on the issues that 70-80% of us agree on. Federal Legislators heed what their “States Rights” Governors say their constituents want but the polls tell a different story. Who decides what we will or will not act on? Why won’t they even let our representative legislators, at least, fund research to try to address the issue of gun violence? Are they so crazed about some small, gradual, restrictions that they have to throw the 2nd Amendment in our faces every time we start addressing this recurring madness. The only thing that NEVER changes, is the common sense of looking at “the GUN”, as the common denominator in these events. How can we move forward with steps that could bring some sanity and some sensible gun legislation into the equation? If it doesn’t start with Congress, then there is not much we can do. I feel terrible for Richard Martinez. I don’t want his son, Christopher Martinez, to have died in vain.  He’s 100% right about the “gutless wonders”, in the U.S. House of Representatives–and that goes for members in both Parties.  Democrats are just as guilty for not standing up to those House Republicans who are getting filthy rich by simply doing nothing.  They think that as long as the NRA is satisfied, they can keep their cushy jobs, their big salaries, with their public option Health care and their perks and pensions and most of all those political donations.  It’s more than shameful–it’s sinful.  Good thing I’m not the judger of judges!


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