In 1901, President William McKinley was assassinated. The rendering is dramatic and shocking. The artwork beautifully depicts the dramatic moment that the shooting took place. Just imagine if, at that time, we, together, as a country, had decided to tightly regulate all firearms and use research and statistical data to make informed decisions about their safety and who should be allowed to possess and operate them? We would have a very different society than the one we find ourselves waking up to.
I am certain that it is too late to put that genie back into it’s bottle but it is not too late to start “fixing” our problem. We “fix” gun violence the same way we “fix” any other industry liability. We change the laws that govern them. Congress is now at a crossroad. The John Roberts’ Supreme Court has now distinguished itself, as the Court for the few and the wealthy and not the court of “We the People”.
Now that “Corporations are People” my friend and that “Money”, not actual “Speech” is considered speech, politicians may accept unlimited amounts of “Speech” (money) in exchange for whatever their “Sugar Daddies” want them to do–should they reach that elected office they are being purchased to run.
I find it hard to believe that the 5 Conservative Justices are that stupid–therefore, they must be returning the favors that got them elected to each of their lifetime tenures, in the first place. What else could it be. They have ignored precedents, which have been in place for decades in many of their decisions. They have sided with Corporate interests, over individuals 100% of the time and they have repeatedly cited other ideological memes in rendering their decisions. Many cases which have no business even coming before the the highest court in the land, such as Religious arguments. Hand picked Conservative Judges, selected to “pack” lower courts, have returned their own favors by siding with many of these cases. GOP chairman of the Republican National Committee, Reinhold Reince Priebus is a perfect example of someone who is operating on an ideologically based platform and is actively working to undermine years of progress that our country has fought and died to gain.
Civil Rights, Voting Rights, Campaign Finance, Womens Healthcare, Gay Rights, Environmental Issues Medicare, Social Security, Pensions and, yes, Gun Legislation is all in jeopardy, if and when the Republican Party is allowed to keep buying off our country. The GOP, along with their Billionaire friends have helped to elect and appoint just the allies they will need to turn our country into an Oligarchy. Not a bad word to them. Dictatorship would be more appropriate but the well-to-do hate the “appearance” of impropriety but they sure love how it get them exactly what they wish for.
Okay, so there was another shooting. There is nothing we can do about it because the long history of the “Gunfight” has prevented us from having a starting point for research and data gathering. We don’t have the empirical “rings in a tree”, or the geological strata that the Grand Canyon holds so that we can work backwards to gain insight. No the NRA and the GUN Lobby have denied us the ability to identify and track all manner of information surrounding guns. All the way from the Gun manufacturing, to Gun Powder identifying Taggets, to finger print operated fire arms…NOTHING has been allowed to help pinpoint ways in which we can know exactly what the hell is going on in this–and only this industry! This is insane to me. Why? Are people simply afraid one of these nuts may kill them for suggestion any changes. I think that’s it. Nobody is doing anything because they’re scared to stick their necks out.
Well, FUCK them. I am sick of the same damn thing happening time, after time and no one seems to be willing to put themselves directly into the line of fire and say “NO!” No more of this bullshit! They must be change and there will be. Maybe Congresswoman Gabby Giffords wasn’t a high enough public assassination attempt. Maybe it will take something more heinous to happen before these nit wits decide that maybe we need to start paying attention to the people who are doing the GUN Lobby’s dirty work.
It won’t happen until there’s a “really bad mass killing”. Hmmm, let’s all count together, until the next event. One, two, three, four…


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