This is who will be hurt by “Killing ObamaCare”. That’s not what Republican, John Boehner will tell you, even though he is the leader of the House of Representatives of the United States. He may not be the President but only he has the absolute power to place into the public, any piece of legislation that will effect us all. I can’t place blame on anyone else for being irresponsible and not listening to the We, the People. Polls tell us that there is a majority of Americans who feel that changes need to be made to make our country safer, as it relates to guns.
We are where we are because, for whatever reason, some of our State and Local Representatives are preventing discussion on this matter. Campaigns are now financed by outside interests, rather than “We the People”, thanks to the mistake made by our Supreme Court, in allowing Citizen’s United money to replace actual individual human beings. Now, a Billionaire, like Sheldon Adelson’s vote, can count for the votes of millions of Americans–perhaps every other American, in this country. He’s said himself that his intention is to spend as much as he has to. To do what? He wants to help elect, to the highest office–President of the United State, a person who can pay to listen to his wants and need and most importantly, a person who can deliver, in order for he and his corporations to benefit from Federal policies. Those policies will become the “American Way of Life” that he wants us all to abide by.
Wow! Think about that for a minute. What would we do if we all wielded that kind of power. Would you block Blacks, and other minorities from voting (for Democrats), so that you can, selfishly, give legal breaks and benefits to yourself and others who think like you do? Would you use your buying power to purchase millions of dollars worth of television ads that run day and night, in communities where innocent people will believe your lies and unverifiable data, that scares them into vote against their own best interest? Our governmental office holders are in such a position. They are doing this, right now! ObamaCare is just the latest scare.
Republican Governors are changing voting laws. They are rejecting Medicare expansion. They won’t discuss gun regulation. They won’t extend Unemployment Benefits–for millions of their own constituents–in order to make ObamaCare fail. They want to outlaw Abortion, so they close Healthcare clinics that provide many other services for women. Congress members of both Parties are not not being allowed to work for us anymore.
On matters that are important to us, as a country, money from wealthy interest groups now call the shots. The tell you it’s because of that group, or those people. Those people are all of us because if you let them do it to us–they will do it to you too. In fact, most independents know that now. They’ve know it, since they have been able to see what the Democrats have done. Republicans are telling you one thing, while they keep showing you another. The only thing they need from you is permission. They will make it easier for you to vote. They will spend whatever campaign donations they have to, to convince you that what President Obama has done, is evil and that they will save the country–if only you will look the other way, when they stop us at the polls. They want your vote. They don’t want any competition from the opposition. They must get elected, in order to make permanent, what is only an experiment now. They must reward those new “Americans” called Corporations. “Corporations are people, my friend” is going to be the destruction of “People are people, my friend.”
I am holding Supreme Court Justice John Roberts and those who voted with him responsible, for a mistake that has changed this country, forever. Repealing parts of the Voting Rights Act has set this country back to the “Jim Crow, South”. Yes, it was that destructive for Minorities. I don’t see how both Corporations and Individuals can co-exist, if Individual’s Rights to vote don’t count anymore. We must either leave this country, or just accept the new order of control, for the benefit all corporations agendas.
To all of those “2nd Amendment Rights Voters”, you are the ones who have the most to lose. I know you feel like you are winning this argument. George Zimmerman was exonerated and now, you say you’re going to “Stand Your Ground”, against these punks. While the NRA has lulled you into your false sense of security, how long do you think the Industrial Military Complex is going to put up with your nonsense, when you go a step further and turn on them? I’ll tell you how long. While you think only Niggers are running around and killing other Niggers, they are not. Whites kill White people at higher rate–because there are more of them, not because of responsible gun ownership.
White, “so-called” Christian men and women vote Republican because their Republican Representative tell you are privileged, that “they” are Welfare cheats and voter fraud perpetrators and they make tax policy that rewards you. In the meantime, there is a mass of uninformed voters, who call themselves Libertarian, or “Independent. The Fossil Fuel cheerleaders, the Survivalists, the Birth Certificate deniers, the Climate Change deniers and a bunch of other out of touch individuals who are imagining some kind of Obama driven, apocalypse, where the Races rise up and fight some kind of Civil War to “take back America”. Take it back? From whom, is my question?
Once there is a complete take over of all governmental agencies, those guns–every single one of them you own, will be rendered inopperative–or at least you won’t have them long because they won’t have any opposition any more. You don’t think any of us po’ dumb Niggers are going to lift a finger to help you, when they drag you out of your bunker and render the rest of you family. Funny, we probably would. See, we believe in helping our neighbors, when they need help–even when those neighbors hates us.
Remember, those you keep voting into office in the “Red States”; those are the folks who believe in enhanced interrogation methods. They believe in indefinite detention. They believe in rendering. They believe in pre-emptive wars and actions. Democrats don’t. We may feel that some reasonable gun regulation is necessary but those guy want you under control. If guns are a threat to what they want Corporations to do, they will come and take your guns. You are giving them that power by helping them to shut us out of the democratic process.
Guns are a threat to all of Humanity! We have a well regulated military already. There is a place for well trained, responsible Americans to own guns, to enjoy guns and to trade and sell guns. We just can’t have a safe country, with so many people who should not be allowed to have guns–for any number of reasons–to posses them. The 2nd Amendment doesn’t give anyone the right to do whatever they want to, wherever they want, with a gun. That’s insane. Nothing is 100% absolute. If you don’t give a little now and compromise, you can mark my words–you will lose whatever you have now, later. The absolute power you think you have is the absolute power you are giving this government.
We are divided on this issue. The powers that manipulate us, know that a country divided against itself, can’t stand–and we won’t. We will fall. Our forefather, Benjamin Franklin, said it best, “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety” Next time you want to “Stand Your Ground”, don’t think of the mythical Boogieman, Treyvon Martin, think of these “real life” little Black boys and girls who live everyday in Newtown, Conn. Urge your Local elected Representative that it’s okay for them to do the right thing and allow us to fix our broken gun regulation. Or at least, stop demonizing those folks, so they can do their jobs.
There has to be some sanity. No more absolutes! Is that too much to ask?


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