Let’s Make February 14th, forever, “The SILENT 17’s Day” – A Day of Remembrance and Reflection




Hi friends,

Please listen to my plea?  I don’t lie, cheat, or steal.  I make predictions.  Shit happens.  I say, “I told you so.”  I am sick of being right–about everything.  I know you’ve heard the Liberal Leftie, mantea, since Black, were 2/3th of a person but this “2nd Amendment, abuse, has turned me into a “single-issue, voter.”  I don’t care if “the left”, or (fat chance), any Republican, who’s getting paid, by the NRA and the gun lobby, who will finally take a stand–or a knee, or just a couple of big, balls, to fix this socialtal, ill?   

     Gun laws must be changed.  Until there is action, by our leaders, I will protest, with “No Voice”, just like the victims, who are no longer able to speak.  I ain’t talkin’!  What good is my free speech, when our laws, turn a blind eye, to the daily, terrorism, being incited, by Sarah Huckabee Sanders, with the flaccid, approval, of the American, President, by way of a complicit RepublicanParty, the NRA’s money, GOP, donors and the swampy, Trumpy, Justice System, run by “Special Master”, Jefferson Boregard Sessions. 

     Michelle Wolf, was trashed, because she had the nerve, to tell the truth!  I call “bullshit”, on the mainstream, media.  Yes, call out misogyny, whereever it injures, someone but don’t give me a sob, story, about a joke, that does, far less harm, than a physical, assault, as alleged, about the suspected offender, and pretend, you  find it tasteless?  I can’t let you profit, like Michelle Wolf, exactly, called you out, for doing?  Your constantly, profiling the “Presidency”, of Donald Trump, as if the possiblity, that he “did not win”, a free, and fair, election, was a “Democrat plot?”.  This shit is serious and there are people, who are getting rich, by “acting like”, they’re being “fair and balanced?'” 

     Don’t call Fox News, propagandists, because they use glowing, coverage, to “sell”, in my opinion, this phony, snake-oil, salesman.  CNN, don’t act like becasue you ask a few “Lefties”, what they think about “the job” Donald Trump, is doing and you get a few disgruntled, Hillary Clintin, voters, to tell you, “What went wrong, with the campaign?”  It makes you look like the hypocrites, you are.  You help deliver the GOP, message, because the GOP donors, buy your commercial, ads.  You work, for them.  What are you going to do, refuse, to do your jobs and give up the gold, the glamour and the groveling?  Or worse, yet, occassionally, agree, with a Democrats, when they show and tell you what Republicans are up to?  How anout run, go, tell that, huh?  There’s never any follow-ups, no intense questioning, of Republican, leaders?  That’s what the fuck, Michelle Wolf, was demonized for!  I hate all of you, now because you made me believe, that you actually had a spine?  All those TV, fights, between thse awful, Trump, femmebots and crude, trash-talking, sycophants!  Your viewers, your Trump-voting viewers, are paying your kid’s college, tuition.  Okay, I get that but “do not” patronize us, Mika Brisinski, with your smug, holier, than thou, bullshit, about being a wife and a mother, makes you some puritan?  Get down, off that fucking, high, horse?  I bet you probably had a pony, growing up but now I’m the one, who’s judging.  I don’t say that, because I know how privileged, you are.  That’s low-hanging, fruit but you and Joe Scarborough have no business, coming into this debate, when your hands are so dirty.  I say dirty, not because of what your relationship, is?  I don’t give a shit but, no one is perfect and make mistakes.  Black people never get the benefit, of the doubt.  That’s all I’m saying.  Women are minorites.  Why the fuck, since Donald Trump has changed, the rules, of decency, did you feel it necessary, to put your, two, cents, into Michelle Wolf’s, work?  That was her job!  She did it, to the best, of her ability.  She did it with integrity, which is more than I can say, about any of you paid, “journalists” and commercial, conglomerate, network, owners.  Those are Trump, donors.  Those are millionaires and billionaires.  I don’t buy it!  If you can’t support other women, like Michelle Wolf, then you don’t give a fuck, what Sarah Huckabee Sanders, has done and continues, to do, to this nation–not for, thie nation.  She made that choice.  I don’t believe she is giving us facts but lies, that will eventually lead us to self-destruction.  I’m fine, with that, because I said my piece.  I’m silently, protesting because “words”, are only worth, “how many clicks, cookies and cash, they can bring in.”  Thanks to him?  I’m, over all of you.  

                                                       God Bless America!

1 - Jaime Guttenberg

   Jaime Guttenberg’s family called her, “baby girl”.  Fred Guttenberg told HuffPost, February 15, 2018, “I am broken, as I write this, trying to figure out how my family gets through this.”  “Jamie Guttenberg’s brother, Jesse, was also at school during the shooting, but made it home alive.” Local 10 News.

2 - Meadow Pollack

Meadow Pollack’s Father, Andrew Pollack, “I don’t know where to go, from here.” From her friend Gii Lovito’s Facebook page: “Please say a prayer for the family of an amazing girl I got to call my best friend growing up. Her life was taken away too soon, and I have no words to describe how it feels.”

3 - Alyssa Alhadeff     Alyssa Alhadeff: Alyssa’s mother, Lori Alhadeff said, to a reporter, with Miami station, WSVN, “My daughter, Alyssa Alhadeff, was shot, many times and killed. A knife is stabbed in my heart. I wish I could of taken those bullets for you. I will always love you and your memory will live on forever. We need to get these guns.”

4 - Nicholas Dworet

     Nicholas Dworet was going to swim, for University of Indiana. Andre Bailey, coach of TS Aquatics, in Broward County, Florida, said, “I’m telling you, from the bottom of my heart, he just took his life in his hands, and he chiseled and molded his life.”  Nick Dworet was a senior who had earned a swimming scholarship to the University of Indianapolis.  A friend wrote, “We walked into Kindergarten together, so knowing that you won’t be walking across the stage at graduation with me in a few months is devastating and heartbreaking.”

5 - Gina Montalto

     Gina Montalto Gina Rose Montalto was a member of the Winter Color Guard, a synchronized dance and flag waving, group, that performed, for marching, band.  “She was the sweetest soul ever,” said a color guard instructor. “She was kind, caring, always smiling and wanting to help.”  Her mother, Jennifer Montalto: “Our beautiful daughter, Gina Rose, was taken from us, during the tragedy, at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, in Parkland, Fl., on February 14, 2018.  She was a smart, loving, caring and strong girl, who brightened any, room, she entered.”

6 - Luke Hoyer     Luke Hoyer Luke Hoyer was a student. A family member wrote on Facebook that he was found on the third floor of the school.  From his uncle Toni Brownlee’s Facebook page: “This has devastated our family and we’re all in shock and disbelief. Our hearts are broken. Luke was a beautiful human being and greatly loved. …” “Our Luke was a precious child, who just went to school yesterday not knowing what was to come,” another relative said.7 - Aaron Feis     Aaron Feis was an assistant football coach and security guard at the school.  He died after jumping in front of a student and the shooter, pushing the student through a door and out of danger.8 - Martin Duque     Martin Duque, 14, was a freshman.  His brother confirmed his death on Instagram early Thursday, writing, “Words cannot describe my pain… I know you’re in a better place.”9 - Joaquin Oliver     Joaquin Oliver – Joaquin Oliver, 17, was initially reported missing after the tragic shooting. After hours of not hearing from him, his sister, Andrea Ghersi, posted on Facebook to ask for information regarding her brother’s whereabouts.   Oliver’s girlfriend, Victoria González, confirmed to the Miami Herald, that Oliver was among the victims.  Friends started posting tributes to him early Thursday. One wrote, “i love you so much, i hope you’re in a better place.”  Oliver immigrated with his family to the U.S. from Venezuela when he was three years old and became a citizen last year. 10 - Chris Hixon     Chris Hixon, 49, was the school’s athletic director. An administrator from a nearby school described him as “probably the nicest guy I have ever met” and someone who “would give you the shirt off his back.”11 - Scott Beigel     Scott Beigel, 35, was a social studies teacher at the school.  He died, heroically, protecting a group of students.  A student said Beigel unlocked the       door to his classroom and let her in. “When he opened the door, he had to relock it so that we could stay safe but he didn’t get the chance.”12 - Alex Schachter     Alex Schachter Alex Schachter’s father, Max, confirmed his death to The New York Times. The 14-year-old student liked basketball, played the trombone and won state championships with his school band.     His father described him to the Times as “a sweetheart of a kid,” and said “he just wanted to do well and make his parents happy.”Alex Schachter’s older brother also attends Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School and survived the shooting.13 - Carmen Schentrup     Carmen Schentrup – Carmen Schentrup’s death was confirmed by Reuters. She was one of 10 students at her high school to be named semifinalists, in the 2018 National Merit Scholarship Program.14 - Alaina Petty
Alaina Petty – The family of 14-year-old Alaina Petty confirmed her death in a statement obtained by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and published by LDS Living.  The freshman was active in her community, participating in her school’s JROTC program and volunteering with the Mormon church’s “Helping Hands” program, according to the family’s statement.  “Alaina was part of hundreds of volunteers that rushed to the most heavily impacted areas of Florida to clean up and help rebuild the lives of those devastated by Hurricane Irma. Her selfless service brought peace and joy to those that had lost everything during the storm,” the statement read.15 - Cara Loughran     Cara Loughran was confirmed dead by the sheriff’s office during a press conference on Thursday. A family friend wrote on Facebook that the girl’s parents received the news at 2 a.m. after the shooting.  A neighbor, Danny Vogel, memorialized Loughran in a post on Thursday.  “RIP Cara, and fly with the angels. You will be greatly missed, and we will always love you and celebrate your beautiful life,” Vogel wrote.16 - Peter Wang     “Peter Wang earned admission to the prestigious military academy for his “heroic actions on Feb. 14, 2018,” at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla., West Point said in a statement. Witnesses and authorities said Wang, who dreamt of attending West Point, died in his JROTC uniform while holding a school door open so classmates and faculty could escape. Wang was one of 17 people gunned down during the shooting.  He was buried in his JROTC uniform.”USA TODAY, reported, on February 21, 2018.17 - Helena Ramsey     Helena Ramsey – Authorities confirmed Helena Ramsey’s death at a press conference Thursday evening.  Curtis Page Jr., who identified himself as a family member, described Ramsey on Facebook as “smart, kindhearted, and (a) thoughtful person.”  “She was deeply loved and loved others even more so. Though she was somewhat reserved, she had a relentless motivation towards her academic studies, and her soft warm demeanor brought the best out in all who knew her. She was so brilliant and witty, and I’m still wrestling with the idea that she is, actually gone. She would have started college next year,” Page wrote.

                                          It’s, “The end, of the Beginning.”

Let us be kind, to one another.  I say “Love Thy Neighbor.”  It’s easier, to embrace.  I think it’s what the “The SILENT 17”, would have wanted most, for me to tell you all?  Their lives, have touched mine, in a beautiful, and inspiring, way.  This would not have been my first, reation but this is the best, most peaceful, solution, I could come up with, and still hold my anger?  My love is “all, or nothing.”  I’m glad I chose “all.” 


Janice Brown




Who’s Policing The Police?


I had to catch myself, today.  The second I witnessed, yet, another questionable shooting.  Breaking News: Alton Sterling was shot 6 times, at point blank range, by Baton Rouge police.  It took me a moment.  I took a deep breath, as I tried to make sense of the sound of the gunshots, then the voices of grief and screams of horror.  “Witnesses, watching, in disbelieve, questioned each other.  “Did they shoot him?  Yeah, (then wailing.)  “Oh my God!”  All I could do was grab a chair and sit down, right there, in front of the TV.  I watched for hours, as local officials started the usual “song & dance”.  It was surreal.

Once I regained my composure, I sat down and did this.  Music is how I process my pain.  I don’t turn my grief and anger inward, any more.  I wanted to do something for the families who are grieving, so that they will know how sorry I am and how one person can reach out and touch another.  Please know that I don’t mean to infringe on the privacy of any of the family’s images of their loved one, that appear in my video.  I want people to really “see” their faces.  That’s why I propped them close up.  I wanted people to look into their eyes and wonder what their plans were?  What was the last thing they told a loved one, the last time they were alive?  I bet they didn’t think they were about to die!  No, I bet that thought never crossed their minds—not until they had contact with a police officer.  For that, I am truly sorry, for your family’s loss.

Please feel free to contact me to remove any images in my video.  No one can miss them more than you do, not even me.  We do though.  I think we all miss them.  No matter what they may, or may not have been guilty of, they all deserved to live, to have their day, in court and to face a jury of their peers.  The police do not have the right to be judge, jury and executioner, which is what we are allowing, today and unless we change these unconstitutional police union, laws, more innocent people will be murdered, with impunity.  Body cams can’t be effective, unless the police that they monitor, are barred from controlling them.  The feed should be archived, offsite and undisclosed, to prevent tampering and sabotage.  Police can no longer police themselves.

This is the stuff, that SUICIDES are made of.  At least, it’s events, like the killing of Eric Garner, Sandra Bland and Freddy Gray, that should be considered potentially, SUICIDE inducing, events.  There is no rhyme, or reason, good enough, to justify the actions, that seem to be routine, SOPs for police but for no one else.  How is it possible that a police officer can NEVER be guilty of MURDER?  Every shooting CAN NOT be justified.  Either there’s something wrong with all of us, or there’s something wrong with the rules that govern the police.  They must change, to make what’s happening all across this country, a crime—punishable by law!

Someone will, unfortunately take their own life, over the tragic events, unfolding in Baton Rouge, Louisiana—not because they know Alton Sterling but because we’ve been here, before.  We’re here, so regularly that the NRA is hoping we’ll all just throw up our hands and give in to complacency.  Those of us, who care deeply, for the “public good”, as expressed in our Constitution and feel it’s our “duty” to be involved with our government, no matter where we come from.  I know.  I’m hurting, inside.  I want to help but what can one person possibly do?  People at risk, may spiral into hopelessness.  They can “feel” how powerless they are to help themselves, let alone someone, who is now dead.  They may turn their frustration, into anger, over something that may be so obvious to a rational, human being, but media and hate mongering social media trolls, will take advantage and heap more hateful rhetoric against a group, they may be a constituent of.  Aggressive and dangerous forces, that threaten harm, simply for the position, we may take, against the authority forces who are actually the one doing the terrorizing.  It may be more than they can handle.  Game over.

All of us, including the police, are responsible for this mess.  “We all built this.”  However, thanks to the callousness of the NRA and those who support and fear the gun lobbying group—nothing changes.  Our representatives are all terrified of being put out of office.  They care more about themselves, than they do about anyone else.  We can’t even get a “VOTE”, from CONGRESS, on legislation that 80%-90%, of all Americans, agree upon.  We are a Democratic Republic—not one person, one vote.  How do we fix this?  I don’t know.

Until we identify the “triggers”, or #driving factors” that lead to the “why” Black and Brown victims of injustice, suffer more indignity, try to be patient than they are studied and ultimately, get demonized.  Media usually only presents the police, or representatives of authority’s spokesperson, telling the public what the circumstances surrounding any police shooting.  News cycles usually move on and never return to “the scene of the crime” and “We The People” never investigate the “other side”.  The “Justice System” is only interested in perpetuating a “profitable” chain of horrible circumstances.  We are tired of paying for our own demise!  This must stop.  Now, is the time to replace local government officials, with people who truly want to “Serve and Protect” all of the members of a community, not just the White, or just the wealthy.  Please write to your Congress person.  Demand more research on SUICIDE.  Police officers, who may also be at risk, for taking their lives, are not only a danger to society but they are a danger to themselves.

If you or someone you know is in crisis, please call the National Suicide Prevention Life Line:

1-800-273-TALK or 1-800-273-8255

Don’t wait until it’s too late.

Talking never hurts but it could help.


Are these black lives really not worth a damn?

How do we keep ending up with 2 Americas?  The one America that Ted Cruz is living in, where we taxpayers pay his stankin’ ass, top dollar, to sit up on high, with his Obamacare and a housing allowance, to preach down, to all the stupid, little people who just weren’t Blessed, like he was.

What about the America that Rand Paul wants to take us back to?  That’s the one that harkens back to “Gone With The Wind”, his father Ron Paul’s America, when Black folk didn’t get uppity and a business owner could serve who he wanted to serve. He said he would not have voted for a Civil Rights Act that demanded “Equal Protection” and that desegregated schools and created teacher’s unions and that created bussing and mixing of the Races?

Is that what they mean by taking back “their” country.  I must keep reminding them that I am Choctaw Indian.  My ancestors were here, when Christopher Columbus got here.  This is a Nation of immigrants but the immigrants that took this country seems to think that the generations of mistreatment by the White people who made us build this country can just go on forever.

Police have long since used Black communities to create lifestyles designed around pretending to serve & to protect, when, in reality, Black folks get “policed, while serving and protecting is only afforded to people who, naturally include officer’s friends and families.  They serve and protect people’s property and the neighborhoods that are quiet.

The shooting of an unarmed Black man, Walter Scott, in the back, by North Charleston Police Officer Michael T. Slager, is the America Black people have feared and have lived with, all of these years, since slaves were brought here.  Now, thank God, camera are capturing, in real time, the psyche of those who we are supposed to have the most trust in, to do the right thing.

I hope we’ll all say a little prayer.  I try not to turn everything into a “Race card” but friends, I say “If the foo shits…”.  Something is very wrong, in our society, when we allow a public trust to turn into “Lord of The Flies”.  It’s not quite as civilized as I thought it was.

Black lives do matter.  I’m asking for everyone who reads this, please just hear the Democrats out.  We need a strong #Democrat leader to stand up to the Police Union, the NRA, and to the extreme, Conservative, money & power driven, (really BIG Government), Republicans and to those selfish, fearful, squishy, sold out @Democrats.  This is a damn shame, is what it is.  Smh!

When a Spade Is Not A Spade…

Mental health is an excellent issue. You know, it’s covered in “Obamacare? I guess that’s just some more “stuff” Obama is trying to “give” to his lackeys. I hope it stirs up some talk!


As everyone should know by now a tragic plane crashed occurred last week.  Crashed right into a mountain killing all 150 people involved.  Was it mechanical failure?  Was it terrorism?  Was it pilot error?  All these questions were asked on day 1.

It slowly but surely became clear that there was no mechanical issues  involved.  The plane was fit to fly with no problems.  So was it an act of terrorism?  Investigation into the pilots lives were done and there was no affiliation or connection to any terrorist organization.  So that leaves pilot error.

Yes, I guess there was pilot error on this instance.  The co-pilot made a choice to direct that plane into a mountain, take his life and take the lives of the other 149 people with him.  It was discovered he was suffering from depression.  He had had episodes of suicidal tendencies in the past as well…

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Will the Hate of a Nation lead us to another Civil War?

     Why are ‪#‎White people afraid of ‪#‎Black people? Many, many acts of pure ‪#‎Evil have been heaped upon #Black folks, by #White folks, ever since the first ‪#‎Slaves, were first “brought” to the “Homeland”.  Families were separated and treated worse that farm animals, beat, hanged, raped, robbed, burned, dragged, drown, like rats, denied education, denied basic human rights, Civil Rights, infrastructure, wherever you relegated us to live, like ‪#‎BobbyJinals‘s 9th Ward.  Why do ‪#‎Mississippi‪#‎Alabama‪#‎Texas, etc.. still look like ‪#‎Warsaw ‪#‎Ghettos

     Are ‪#‎Southern ‪#‎Governors just really bad at fixing certain neighborhoods, or is it that they ‪#‎Profit from all of the “Crime” in ‪#‎poor & #Black & #White towns. Why does ‪#‎Furguson have 89‪ #‎Municipalities?  “In 2014, the Boston Municipal Court System, for a city of 645,000 people, issued about 2,300 criminal warrants. The Ferguson Municipal Court issued 9,000, for a population 1/30th the size of Boston’s.”  What???? Is anybody seeing this?  In case you missed the ‪#‎DOJ Report,http://www.huffingtonpost.com/…/the-shocking-finding-from-t… 

     I understand why people wonder why Black folk don’t want to just kill all White folks.  It’s because that’s not in most of us but we are human–no really, we are.  I know there are folks out there trying to convince you otherwise but we do have feeling.  We have solid, strong, #Christian based values.  Even the poorest of the poor, praise God and thank his for all that he has blessed us with.  We would never feel that way.  We leave those feeling for those who want to ‪#‎Hate.  We leave those feeling for Right-Wing hate mongers who infiltrate the highest ranks of our Government, all the way down to you Cliven Bundy, type hate groups, who can draw their weapons of destruction upon their Goverment’s elite civilian authority and not even be charged with a crime, not suffer the shame and ostracism of the rest of a civil society.  Cliven Bundy was barely even a news story.  In fact, traitorous Bundy, was actually hailed as a hero of those who oppose President of the United States, Barack Obama. 

     The ‪#‎Racists have wanted a reason for a ‪#‎Race‪#‎War, since ‪#‎TheCivilWar–still bitter behind “Northern Aggression”.  The‪#‎Confederate ‪#‎Soldiers, were traitors to the ‪#‎Constitution, then  #‎TheSouth spread their hatred to other like minded immigrants–and everyone, except my #NativeAmerican ancestors, are immigrants. You do understand that, right?  You #Teaparty #Muthafucker are not #Patriots, not even a little bit.  No Patriot has #illWill for #fellow #American!  You #47Traitor don’t get to call the shots. 

Our Republican lawmakers seem to think that they get to decide what they will allow the President to do.  Really?  That’s not your job.  Your jobs, that we pay our hard earned tax dollar, so that you have $175,000.00 stepping stones, over the American people, are “No Show” positions.  You get all of the benefits you want.  You get taxpayer funder Healthcare but refuse to make sure every one of us has the same.  

     You are not above the law.  You are not President.  You are #TheCongress. You make laws.  Why don’t you do your own damn jobs & stop trying to usurp #BarackObama’s? What, suffering from #PenisEnvy.  Oh yes, there is a name for that shit! You say the President has over reached. No, you have betrayed your oath to uphold the #Constitution, over and above your personal dislike of the #Black man elected twice, to do this job.  We The People want you to stop sticking your noses where they don’t belong and to allow the President to conduct #ForeignPolicy–you arrogant pricks.  

     I hope you don’t think #WETHEPEOPLE will forget the things you’ve all done and we hope you don’t think you have gotten away with all of it, either.  Why would you people try to force a whole #Race of people, whose real identities you stripped from them 200 years ago? You barely know your own damn ancestry but because you have always been the ones to make the laws, now I guess you feel like you can now force “those people” to produce an #Identification”, that you so adeptly erased all traces of? You even gave us #Anglo” names.  Oh yes.  You #Republicans are a (Not very #Christian lott.  You think it’s a “reasonable thing to ask for a #PollTax, today, when yesterday, you were erasing that very identity.  That’s a lot of fucking nerve, don’t you think? Make a bunch of #Black folks, who may #never have had an #Identfication, other than some stupid name you gave them but NOW, it’s really, really important that you make sure they go out, spend money they don’t have, and time they may have to take off from work, or hire a damn #babysitter, to go “get” a “proper” #ID? I have NEVER #Hated anyone but you people really aren’t making it easy for me to #Love yalls and your dirty asses.       All I can do is talk about you, like the #dogsballs that you are but talk is cheap.  I promise you, in my lifetime, we will have #Mandatory #Voting.  If you don’t want to #Vote–then #Opt your dumb asses out.  The rest of us–1 person, 1 vote, will be running this country, one day.  You can change all of the #Voting rules, you can buy all of the #Senators & #Representative you want. The more you FUCK with us, #TheAmericanPeople, #Republicans, the farther away from ever winning back the “WHITE House” you are so very wrong and so out of touch. You think Black people & #Hispanic folk & poor White folk are sooooo dumb that we just gone be alright with the #KochBrothers, Ted Cruz, Scott Walker, Speaker Boehner, Mitch McConnell, ALEC & various other low life scum, selling out our sitting President and how you ran the country into the ground, with 14 years of your #Preemptive #Iraq War & #Afghanistan WAR, that you always want to keep OFF the BUDGET.  There is no “Free Lunch” or, as yall like to say, “Freedom isn’t free”. Sounds good, when you say it but you love to start those dumbass #Wars, just handing the #money over to some of your Right-wing, “No-bid contractor” pals, putting other people’s kids out on the front lines, when none of you have either #Deferred serving, or just pain #ShitYouPants to get out of serving, like that #RattleSnake #TedNugent or #FatAss #RushLimbaugh, then give all of our freaking tax dollars to all of your stinking rich donors–all in the name of “The Job Creators”.  

     Never mind the fact that wages for regular folk, Union workers and “Right to Work for Less” workers are all being screwed by your darling #Republican Governors, who refuse to give you a #LivingWage, which they trick their own constituents into say “We don’t want no stinking #Minimum Wage, we want the “Right to Work”.  How shitty are you? You won’t even accept ACA (ObamaCare) dollars for the poorest children, in your own districts, which, by the way, that #Hypocrite, #TedCruz has just found sooooo damn helpful, now that his #Goldman #Trophy wife is taking a “little vacation” from her benefactors, while you suck your own dick, on the #Presidential campaign trail, with our tax dollars, I might add. I hope you’re proud of yourselves, now. Thanks to Bibi #Netanyahu & the #47Traitors’ attempt to undermine their own #President of The United States. #Foreign countries aren’t looking at what the job #BarackObama is doing–they are making plans to divide & conquer a country, who doesn’t honor & respect the leader of their own country. It is a reflection on your feeble asses, not on President #Obama, who is doing a great job babysitting the infants, who call themselves #Republican, #ThePartyof Lincoln, #TheGrandOldParty–more like the #GettingOverOnThePeopleParty. Always looking for ways to rip off “We The Taxpayer”. 

     Once people find out what they’ve actually been doing to us.  I hope the true #Patriots of this country–those who truly believe in “One Nation Under God”, will raise up & permanently put you #Bastards where you belong–in Hell, with your #Master, #Satan! The next time one of these #Power hungry freaks, like #TedCoulter (TedCruz), tell you “I’m going to “shrink” #Gov’ment, small enough to “Drown it in a bathtub”, just remember #you & #me are the #Govment, okay?  They want “smaller Government. so we can’t stop them, with our #Vote.  Please, somebody explain this to me.  I don’t trust Haters.  That’s just how I feel, at this moment.


Here we go again. It really is embarrassing. We sit here and let the NRA and the Gun Lobby dictate what we will and will not talk about. The news networks refuse to have balanced debate on the issues that 70-80% of us agree on. Federal Legislators heed what their “States Rights” Governors say their constituents want but the polls tell a different story. Who decides what we will or will not act on? Why won’t they even let our representative legislators, at least, fund research to try to address the issue of gun violence? Are they so crazed about some small, gradual, restrictions that they have to throw the 2nd Amendment in our faces every time we start addressing this recurring madness. The only thing that NEVER changes, is the common sense of looking at “the GUN”, as the common denominator in these events. How can we move forward with steps that could bring some sanity and some sensible gun legislation into the equation? If it doesn’t start with Congress, then there is not much we can do. I feel terrible for Richard Martinez. I don’t want his son, Christopher Martinez, to have died in vain.  He’s 100% right about the “gutless wonders”, in the U.S. House of Representatives–and that goes for members in both Parties.  Democrats are just as guilty for not standing up to those House Republicans who are getting filthy rich by simply doing nothing.  They think that as long as the NRA is satisfied, they can keep their cushy jobs, their big salaries, with their public option Health care and their perks and pensions and most of all those political donations.  It’s more than shameful–it’s sinful.  Good thing I’m not the judger of judges!  http://www.kmov.com/video/featured-videos/Calif-shooting-rampage-victims-father-very-emotional-in-interview-260659491.htmlImage



In 1901, President William McKinley was assassinated. The rendering is dramatic and shocking. The artwork beautifully depicts the dramatic moment that the shooting took place. Just imagine if, at that time, we, together, as a country, had decided to tightly regulate all firearms and use research and statistical data to make informed decisions about their safety and who should be allowed to possess and operate them? We would have a very different society than the one we find ourselves waking up to.
I am certain that it is too late to put that genie back into it’s bottle but it is not too late to start “fixing” our problem. We “fix” gun violence the same way we “fix” any other industry liability. We change the laws that govern them. Congress is now at a crossroad. The John Roberts’ Supreme Court has now distinguished itself, as the Court for the few and the wealthy and not the court of “We the People”.
Now that “Corporations are People” my friend and that “Money”, not actual “Speech” is considered speech, politicians may accept unlimited amounts of “Speech” (money) in exchange for whatever their “Sugar Daddies” want them to do–should they reach that elected office they are being purchased to run.
I find it hard to believe that the 5 Conservative Justices are that stupid–therefore, they must be returning the favors that got them elected to each of their lifetime tenures, in the first place. What else could it be. They have ignored precedents, which have been in place for decades in many of their decisions. They have sided with Corporate interests, over individuals 100% of the time and they have repeatedly cited other ideological memes in rendering their decisions. Many cases which have no business even coming before the the highest court in the land, such as Religious arguments. Hand picked Conservative Judges, selected to “pack” lower courts, have returned their own favors by siding with many of these cases. GOP chairman of the Republican National Committee, Reinhold Reince Priebus is a perfect example of someone who is operating on an ideologically based platform and is actively working to undermine years of progress that our country has fought and died to gain.
Civil Rights, Voting Rights, Campaign Finance, Womens Healthcare, Gay Rights, Environmental Issues Medicare, Social Security, Pensions and, yes, Gun Legislation is all in jeopardy, if and when the Republican Party is allowed to keep buying off our country. The GOP, along with their Billionaire friends have helped to elect and appoint just the allies they will need to turn our country into an Oligarchy. Not a bad word to them. Dictatorship would be more appropriate but the well-to-do hate the “appearance” of impropriety but they sure love how it get them exactly what they wish for.
Okay, so there was another shooting. There is nothing we can do about it because the long history of the “Gunfight” has prevented us from having a starting point for research and data gathering. We don’t have the empirical “rings in a tree”, or the geological strata that the Grand Canyon holds so that we can work backwards to gain insight. No the NRA and the GUN Lobby have denied us the ability to identify and track all manner of information surrounding guns. All the way from the Gun manufacturing, to Gun Powder identifying Taggets, to finger print operated fire arms…NOTHING has been allowed to help pinpoint ways in which we can know exactly what the hell is going on in this–and only this industry! This is insane to me. Why? Are people simply afraid one of these nuts may kill them for suggestion any changes. I think that’s it. Nobody is doing anything because they’re scared to stick their necks out.
Well, FUCK them. I am sick of the same damn thing happening time, after time and no one seems to be willing to put themselves directly into the line of fire and say “NO!” No more of this bullshit! They must be change and there will be. Maybe Congresswoman Gabby Giffords wasn’t a high enough public assassination attempt. Maybe it will take something more heinous to happen before these nit wits decide that maybe we need to start paying attention to the people who are doing the GUN Lobby’s dirty work.
It won’t happen until there’s a “really bad mass killing”. Hmmm, let’s all count together, until the next event. One, two, three, four…



This is who will be hurt by “Killing ObamaCare”. That’s not what Republican, John Boehner will tell you, even though he is the leader of the House of Representatives of the United States. He may not be the President but only he has the absolute power to place into the public, any piece of legislation that will effect us all. I can’t place blame on anyone else for being irresponsible and not listening to the We, the People. Polls tell us that there is a majority of Americans who feel that changes need to be made to make our country safer, as it relates to guns.
We are where we are because, for whatever reason, some of our State and Local Representatives are preventing discussion on this matter. Campaigns are now financed by outside interests, rather than “We the People”, thanks to the mistake made by our Supreme Court, in allowing Citizen’s United money to replace actual individual human beings. Now, a Billionaire, like Sheldon Adelson’s vote, can count for the votes of millions of Americans–perhaps every other American, in this country. He’s said himself that his intention is to spend as much as he has to. To do what? He wants to help elect, to the highest office–President of the United State, a person who can pay to listen to his wants and need and most importantly, a person who can deliver, in order for he and his corporations to benefit from Federal policies. Those policies will become the “American Way of Life” that he wants us all to abide by.
Wow! Think about that for a minute. What would we do if we all wielded that kind of power. Would you block Blacks, and other minorities from voting (for Democrats), so that you can, selfishly, give legal breaks and benefits to yourself and others who think like you do? Would you use your buying power to purchase millions of dollars worth of television ads that run day and night, in communities where innocent people will believe your lies and unverifiable data, that scares them into vote against their own best interest? Our governmental office holders are in such a position. They are doing this, right now! ObamaCare is just the latest scare.
Republican Governors are changing voting laws. They are rejecting Medicare expansion. They won’t discuss gun regulation. They won’t extend Unemployment Benefits–for millions of their own constituents–in order to make ObamaCare fail. They want to outlaw Abortion, so they close Healthcare clinics that provide many other services for women. Congress members of both Parties are not not being allowed to work for us anymore.
On matters that are important to us, as a country, money from wealthy interest groups now call the shots. The tell you it’s because of that group, or those people. Those people are all of us because if you let them do it to us–they will do it to you too. In fact, most independents know that now. They’ve know it, since they have been able to see what the Democrats have done. Republicans are telling you one thing, while they keep showing you another. The only thing they need from you is permission. They will make it easier for you to vote. They will spend whatever campaign donations they have to, to convince you that what President Obama has done, is evil and that they will save the country–if only you will look the other way, when they stop us at the polls. They want your vote. They don’t want any competition from the opposition. They must get elected, in order to make permanent, what is only an experiment now. They must reward those new “Americans” called Corporations. “Corporations are people, my friend” is going to be the destruction of “People are people, my friend.”
I am holding Supreme Court Justice John Roberts and those who voted with him responsible, for a mistake that has changed this country, forever. Repealing parts of the Voting Rights Act has set this country back to the “Jim Crow, South”. Yes, it was that destructive for Minorities. I don’t see how both Corporations and Individuals can co-exist, if Individual’s Rights to vote don’t count anymore. We must either leave this country, or just accept the new order of control, for the benefit all corporations agendas.
To all of those “2nd Amendment Rights Voters”, you are the ones who have the most to lose. I know you feel like you are winning this argument. George Zimmerman was exonerated and now, you say you’re going to “Stand Your Ground”, against these punks. While the NRA has lulled you into your false sense of security, how long do you think the Industrial Military Complex is going to put up with your nonsense, when you go a step further and turn on them? I’ll tell you how long. While you think only Niggers are running around and killing other Niggers, they are not. Whites kill White people at higher rate–because there are more of them, not because of responsible gun ownership.
White, “so-called” Christian men and women vote Republican because their Republican Representative tell you are privileged, that “they” are Welfare cheats and voter fraud perpetrators and they make tax policy that rewards you. In the meantime, there is a mass of uninformed voters, who call themselves Libertarian, or “Independent. The Fossil Fuel cheerleaders, the Survivalists, the Birth Certificate deniers, the Climate Change deniers and a bunch of other out of touch individuals who are imagining some kind of Obama driven, apocalypse, where the Races rise up and fight some kind of Civil War to “take back America”. Take it back? From whom, is my question?
Once there is a complete take over of all governmental agencies, those guns–every single one of them you own, will be rendered inopperative–or at least you won’t have them long because they won’t have any opposition any more. You don’t think any of us po’ dumb Niggers are going to lift a finger to help you, when they drag you out of your bunker and render the rest of you family. Funny, we probably would. See, we believe in helping our neighbors, when they need help–even when those neighbors hates us.
Remember, those you keep voting into office in the “Red States”; those are the folks who believe in enhanced interrogation methods. They believe in indefinite detention. They believe in rendering. They believe in pre-emptive wars and actions. Democrats don’t. We may feel that some reasonable gun regulation is necessary but those guy want you under control. If guns are a threat to what they want Corporations to do, they will come and take your guns. You are giving them that power by helping them to shut us out of the democratic process.
Guns are a threat to all of Humanity! We have a well regulated military already. There is a place for well trained, responsible Americans to own guns, to enjoy guns and to trade and sell guns. We just can’t have a safe country, with so many people who should not be allowed to have guns–for any number of reasons–to posses them. The 2nd Amendment doesn’t give anyone the right to do whatever they want to, wherever they want, with a gun. That’s insane. Nothing is 100% absolute. If you don’t give a little now and compromise, you can mark my words–you will lose whatever you have now, later. The absolute power you think you have is the absolute power you are giving this government.
We are divided on this issue. The powers that manipulate us, know that a country divided against itself, can’t stand–and we won’t. We will fall. Our forefather, Benjamin Franklin, said it best, “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety” Next time you want to “Stand Your Ground”, don’t think of the mythical Boogieman, Treyvon Martin, think of these “real life” little Black boys and girls who live everyday in Newtown, Conn. Urge your Local elected Representative that it’s okay for them to do the right thing and allow us to fix our broken gun regulation. Or at least, stop demonizing those folks, so they can do their jobs.
There has to be some sanity. No more absolutes! Is that too much to ask?



These are the invisible lives that are most effected by random gun violence. Why does the NRA hate Black children so much that they can’t even “allow” this country’s elected representatives to make some reasonable limits on guns and the laws that harm real lives? Hell, they won’t even discuss this issue in the People’s House of Representative or the People’s Senate. I can’t understand the hysteria. Is it as simple as being bought and paid for by the gun lobby’s interests, over a majority of Americans? You don’t need a gun to provide food for your family. You don’t need a gun for shelter. I have gotten this far in my own life, with not even a thought about owning or even using a gun, for anything. I am a Christian. The Bible says “Thou shalt not kill”. There aren’t any exceptions to that law. I don’t find that a terribly difficult rule to live by. Why is it that so many Christians choose to give God the middle finger on this law? I don’t know the answer to that question, yet.

Too many illegal guns!

Maybe it’s just me but there seems to be a lot of guns floating around the country, with no name attached to them. Why can’t we begin there? Manufacturers need to start personalizing every gun sale, so when one of them is used in a crime, we can easily follow the bloody trail to the criminal who used it, in the commission of a crime. Can’t we agree on that point?